MBI series

What is Micro Bubble?

Micro bubble is small bubble 1/1000mm in diameter.


This small bubble can spread in every corner and it can surface pollution and suspended matter.


Micro bubble surfacesvery slowly and includes negative potential and while it absorbs minute waste ,it can surface it on water surface.


Pressure in an air bubble increases while it is inversely proportional to bubble diameter and so, it has very high pressure and then disappears. When it disappears, it gets 6000℃ momentarily.

As a result, free radical ( OH ) occurs.This hot spot is very powerful and can separate inner gas molecule by force. Such an ultrahigh temperature and free radical can separate a lot of chemical material.


※Micro bubble is featured as technology as water purification and medical field. And,it is used to wash shellfish and clean semiconductor. Also, it starts to be used as beauty and care. And with a microbe, it can separate organic matter, remove toxic substance and also emulsify.


※SS stands for floating substances, and removes floating floating in separate tanks.



■Drinking water
To use original water as drinking water, with a fine bubble generator, impurities in this water are surfaced and separated. And then, filter is installed and, with ozonisers, it is sterilized and refined as drinking water.
■Industrial water
・Hard water→Soft water
By hard water passing through a fine bubble generator, metal ion is removed, for example, calcium and magnesium, to make it soft water. It does not use film and so this cuts down on costs as waste is removed.

・Industrial water→Harmless→Recicle
Polluted water used in factories is cleaned up and becomes drinkable and harmless water and be able to be discharged into rivers and sea. The water can also be reused in factories and this cuts down on water cost.

■Agricultural water
With a fine bubble generator, contaminated water by fluorine and arsenic is removed. These chemicals are usually absorbed by crops and their removal makes farming possible as the water is good and free of chemicals.
■Harmless treating method of contaminated soil
With microbe and fine bubble generator, polluted soil with chemicals can be purified as the chemicals are purified immediately. This prevents spreading of contamination and reduces cost.


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